Indoor Flooring

Wood floors:
  • Wood surfaces are dominated by maple flooring platforms, mostly of American origin.
  • Basic platform is made up of a rubber cushion pad, a sleeper and the playing surface is maple wood. The maple surface is finished with a PU polish.
  • This type of flooring is excellent for indoor games namely badminton, basketball, volleyball and handball.
  • The shock absorption offered by a wood platform varies between 45% to 60% for some platforms.
Vinyl floors:
  • Vinyl sports floor are the preferred surface for anyone looking for a zero maintenance floor,
  • Thickness - 4mm to 12mm. More the thickness, Higher the shock absorption.
  • Floors are approved by various international sports federations like WBF, FIBA, FIVB and others.

Outdoor Flooring

PU (Polyurethane)
  • Polyurethane surfaces originating from European suppliers for games likes basketball, volleyball, handball.
  • The surface is made up of a PU layer topping on shock pad layer varying from 5mm to 9mm.
  • The surface is completely seamless and provides the requisite cushioning for outdoor sports.
  • Estimated life 8 to 10 years.
Artificial Turf:
  • Artificial turf solutions for variety games like Football, Hockey, Tennis, running and offer multi ground concepts, providing solutions for optimum use of sports grounds.
  • Our turf range is approved by various international sports federations like FIFA, IHF, and ITF.